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From angel investors to venture capitalists, these days there are plenty of ways to fund a business, but in the past, the most common and usually the only option was to get a loan from a bank.  This may not seem as exciting as finding an angel investor to put up the money with little to no risk to you, but it definitely has it’s advantages (not the least of which is that the bank will not take a hefty founder\’s share of your company).  So, you’ve decided that a bank loan is the best move for your new small business; but what\’s the best way to go about securing the loan you need?  The best place to start is to get prepared for what banks are looking for when they draft a loan, and here\’s the top 3.

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As the recession of 2008 doesn’t seem to be bouncing back as fast as everyone had hoped, one thing that many people are noting is that now, more than ever, being an entrepreneur makes a lot of sense.  And while home based businesses are becoming increasingly popular, there are still some additional steps that you should take to maximize your effectiveness and minimize your bottom line.  The idea here is that while you’re immediately going to be able to run a lot leaner as a home based business, cutting down as much as possible within your home business will not only help you net the highest profits possible, but it could ultimately be the difference between your business failing or succeeding.

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When you’re getting your business off the ground, many entrepreneurs will run into the dilemma of either needed some positive cash flow, or needing an initial client base and quite often, the first place to turn will be friends and family.  This can be a somewhat awkward proposition, since you’re using an existing relationship to further your business needs, but if done properly it doesn’t have to be awkward at all, and can even help bolster the relationship.  However, if done improperly, the results can be catastrophic.  Here’s a couple suggestions for how to approach this delicate subject with the people you care about the most.

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According to the TriNet Human Captial Index, companies in the technology and services industry had increased hiring by 0.79% in September.  Layoffs continued to decline to 42.4%.

Jimmy Franzone, TriNet’s vice president of corporate development said “Despite new government incentives, to date representing $29.6 billion in small business lending and recovery loans granted by the Small Business Administration (SBA), small high-wage companies are not adding new employees as rapidly as they were last September.”

The decline in hiring began in the last quarter of 2009, leading to a 19% decrease from September 2009 to September 2010, the period during which we tracked data for the TriNet Hiring Index. While hiring has overall slowed in small companies, layoffs have also continued to slow, indicating that small employers continue to be in a period of stability, focusing acutely on productivity improvement.

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About Zija International
We develop natural, earth-friendly products using the miracle plant Moringa and market them worldwide through our global family of Independent Distributors. We value opportunity and are dedicated to empowering our distributors, customers and employees to reach their dreams of health and financial wellness.

8 Ways to Earn Income

  • Direct Sales
  • Team Commissions
  • First Order Bonus (FOB)
  • Leadership Check Match (LCM)
  • Builder Bonus
  • Diamond Pool
  • Volume Order Rebate (VOR)
  • Multiple Business Centers

Earn income by purchasing product at wholesale price and selling it at retail price. You keep the profit.

Receive a 10-20 percent Bonus (up to $100) when your personally sponsored Distributors place a first-time order.

As a Qualified Active 150 Distributor, you earn a $30 Builder Bonus each time a personally sponsored Distributor reaches the rank of Builder.

When your PV exceeds 250 in any one period, you will receive up to a 10 percent personal rebate on your PV greater than 250. And when one of your personally sponsored Distributors does the same, you’ll receive up to 10 percent rebate on their PV greater than 250!

The team commission gives you the benefit of being placed in one of two legs in your sponsor’s group. You are compensated based on being qualified with at least one personally sponsored Active Distributors on your left and right leg. And, if you and two personally sponsored Distributors are Active 75 status, you will earn the rank of Builder and qualify for up to 15% in Team Commissions.

At the Senior leadership level, you can earn a check match bonus based on a percentage of Team Commissions of the people you personally enroll, the people they enroll, and so on. You can earn LCM on up to 8 generations.

We have reserved up to 4 percent of the company’s total commissionable Group Volume for qualified Diamond Executives.

As your organization expands, you can essentially sponsor yourself by adding additional Business Centers. You may insert your new centers anywhere in your organization.

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Run A Lean & Mean Home Office With These Five Money-Saving Tips 

With most home based businesses, margins will be tight enough; but through in a slow economy and the challenges of starting from scratch, and saving a small amount here and there can add up to a majority of your profit margin in the long run.  Here’s a short list of some things you can do to lower your bottom line without sacrificing any quality of service or putting your product and your business in jeopardy.

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About the Scent-Sations Home Business
Scent-Sations’ goal is to implement a home based business using the system of marketing that has not only proved to be superior to getting products into the mainstream but also offers more people a chance to dream than any other system we have ever seen! That system is “word of mouth/network marketing!”

There are three ways to make money with Scent-Sations: RETAIL, FUNDRAISING and RESIDUAL.

Scent-Sations offers the distributor a quality product that is sure to become a leader in the candle industry at a wholesale price that allows a profit margin that is unheard of in most direct selling opportunities. Because a distributor can literally double his or her money on each sale, the impact of selling candles for many people has been dramatic! Some of the areas that have turned out to be highly lucrative are HOME PARTIES, SHOWS, and OFFICE SALES.

Many of the distributors are making craft items with the candles and earning unbelievable profits from that! And the simple “SMELL and SELL” demo allows anyone to simply ask someone if he or she burns scented candles followed by allowing the contact to smell a Mia Bella and make a sale right there on the spot.

We get calls and e-mails daily from happy distributors who are making money in so many ways that they are overjoyed to have discovered this product!

So many network-marketing companies have tried to get into fundraising but most distributors find the prospect of trying to get an organization to “sign up” into a program as an effort in futility. The Scent-Sations Inc. Fundraising program allows a distributor to approach a fundraising organization in a traditional way and that has led to remarkable success for many distributors nationwide.

We have just touched the tip of the iceberg with the fundraising potential out there and we truly believe that anyone could make a full time income just working on fundraising alone!

Residual Income
By simply referring five people to the Candle of the Month, a distributor is eligible to receive 6 levels of income on the commissionable value of all the products ordered by that organization. The plan was set up to allow distributors to grow a big business without stress.

As Scent-Sations Inc. grows we will add new and exciting products to your business. Every one of them will be the kind of product that our distributors will be proud to show their friends, relatives and customers!

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