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Tips On How To Put Together A Successful Home Show

Posted on: October 18, 2010

What started with Avon in the late 1800’s and exploded with Tupperware in the early 1950’s, the concept of doing a ‘party’ themed around selling a line of products has been a popular and effective way of direct marketing.  Why do people still do it today nearly 60 years later, and more importantly, why does it continue to be successful?  The product manufacturers may ask you to believe that it’s because the products simply sell themselves, but the fact remains that word of mouth is still to this day the most powerful form of marketing, and when you get a group of friends and friends of friends together and sing the praises of a product, you’re all but guaranteed to make a sale.  That is, if you do it right.  So, how do you pull of a successful home show?  Here’s a couple sure-fire ideas that should get you on your way.



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