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Scent-Sations Home Business: 3 Ways to Make Money

Posted on: October 20, 2010

About the Scent-Sations Home Business
Scent-Sations’ goal is to implement a home based business using the system of marketing that has not only proved to be superior to getting products into the mainstream but also offers more people a chance to dream than any other system we have ever seen! That system is “word of mouth/network marketing!”

There are three ways to make money with Scent-Sations: RETAIL, FUNDRAISING and RESIDUAL.

Scent-Sations offers the distributor a quality product that is sure to become a leader in the candle industry at a wholesale price that allows a profit margin that is unheard of in most direct selling opportunities. Because a distributor can literally double his or her money on each sale, the impact of selling candles for many people has been dramatic! Some of the areas that have turned out to be highly lucrative are HOME PARTIES, SHOWS, and OFFICE SALES.

Many of the distributors are making craft items with the candles and earning unbelievable profits from that! And the simple “SMELL and SELL” demo allows anyone to simply ask someone if he or she burns scented candles followed by allowing the contact to smell a Mia Bella and make a sale right there on the spot.

We get calls and e-mails daily from happy distributors who are making money in so many ways that they are overjoyed to have discovered this product!

So many network-marketing companies have tried to get into fundraising but most distributors find the prospect of trying to get an organization to “sign up” into a program as an effort in futility. The Scent-Sations Inc. Fundraising program allows a distributor to approach a fundraising organization in a traditional way and that has led to remarkable success for many distributors nationwide.

We have just touched the tip of the iceberg with the fundraising potential out there and we truly believe that anyone could make a full time income just working on fundraising alone!

Residual Income
By simply referring five people to the Candle of the Month, a distributor is eligible to receive 6 levels of income on the commissionable value of all the products ordered by that organization. The plan was set up to allow distributors to grow a big business without stress.

As Scent-Sations Inc. grows we will add new and exciting products to your business. Every one of them will be the kind of product that our distributors will be proud to show their friends, relatives and customers!

Request more information about Scent-Sations at


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