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Kidding Around – How To Balance Parenting Young Children and Running A Work From Home Business

Posted on: November 1, 2010

It used to be the case that in the typical nuclear family, the father would work while the mother stays home with the kids, but today, trying to make ends meet on a single income is next to impossible.  A great option for a stay at home mom would be to start a home based business, but balancing that business with raising young children can be particularly tough.  Here’s a look at some ideas for how to keep your children occupied (and keep your sanity) while balancing parenting with business.

Find A Mommy’s Helper
Once or twice a week, have a friend, relative (grandparents are always a good option) or even hire someone to come and look after the kids for a couple hours while you either head out to a coffee shop, or go to your home office, shut the door and really drill down on getting some work done.  You’ll be amazed how a few hours of uninterrupted work can be more effective than an entire day of work when you’re being distracted every now and then.

Be An Early Bird
It can be tempting to want to stay up late after putting the kids to bed; perhaps you like the idea of spending several hours with your spouse winding down after a long day, but being diligent to get to bed early and wake up early will allow you to get some work done before the kids wake up and it’ll keep you alert and focused throughout the day.  Many home based businesses are not 9-5 desk jobs, so take advantage of your flexible schedule and try to get as much work done as possible while the kids are sleeping so that you can spend as much time as possible with them during the day.

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