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MyShoppingGenie Work At Home Business: Get Paid When People Shop

Posted on: December 3, 2010

What is MyShoppingGenie
MyNet Universe is the exclusive home of MyShoppingGenie, a revolutionary new Web App. You may be wondering why we named this innovative Internet solution the Genie after the mythical character that Aladdin released from his lamp. Like Aladdin’s genie, MyShoppingGenie has an almost magical ability to grant our wishes for saving money, making money and for helping us make a positive impact on our world.

MyShoppingGenie enables the average person to take advantage of major trends in our economy. The first is the fact that saving money has become very hip. Some people are even saying that saving money is the new green.

MyShoppingGenie is right at the center of this because when you use the Genie, you can save money on the things you need. How does this work? Whenever you look to buy something online using any major search engine like Google or Yahoo, the Genie appears; and just like magic, it cuts through the clutter to find you the best deals on virtually anything you’re looking for.

Our Distributors Earn Money From Click Income!
Quite simply, it’s the best discount shopping tool on the market today. It saves people 50%, 60%, even 70% off their purchases. And you are GETTING PAID WHEN PEOPLE USE IT!

How Do You Give Away The Genie Shopping Tool?
Just to make it easy, we will give you a Web site. We do the heavy lifting, and you simply give people a FREE tool that can save them thousands of dollars a year shopping online. They click one button to install the Genie!

Now consider this – in 2009, shopping online was 4% of the retail market. In 2010, it has grown to over 10%. Think about this – do you know one person, under the age of 70, that hasn’t made a purchase online? So, anyone with a computer that shops online is a potential revenue generator for you. That’s basically anyone you see or meet. They shop online, and you make money. Do I have to mention that online shopping grew to $204 billion last year?

Read more about the MyShoppingGenie work at home opportunity at


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