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La Bella Baskets Representative builds network through exposure on

Posted on: December 15, 2010

December 9, 2010 — announced today that one of its advertisers, Jennifer Lewis, a silver gift director with La Bella Baskets, has signed her 8th referral as a result of her placement on

“It took only three or four leads from to sign up my first recruit,” says Lewis. Since then she has made 7 more sales off a total of 49 leads. Lewis’ has recruited close to 30 La Bella Baskets consultants, making responsible for about 25% of her network. Asked if was her most fruitful source, she replied “I would definitely say so.”

The La Bella Baskets home based business opportunity offers two streams of income, the first of which, selling of their high quality gift baskets, flowers, and cookie bouquets, was Lewis’ main focus her first few months after joining in January of 2010.  It was only in May when she decided to focus on the second income opportunity, building a network of other La Bella Baskets representatives.  It was around that time that she discovered and took advantage of their free advertising offer.

Asked what she attributed the attractiveness to her opportunity, Lewis cited the price point.  “I think what really works for La Bella Baskets is that (consultants) only have to spend $20 per month.”  That is after the initial start up cost of only $1.97.


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