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Speaking Roses was honored to receive the “Distributors’ Pick” award from the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI). This is the highest award from over 20,000 distributors in a global organization that represents a $20 billion industry in the US alone. The top honor, selected from thousands of competing new products, is given to the best new product of the year as voted by the distributors that sell the products.

The Opportunity
Imagine being able to print flowers – live, fresh flowers!
This process can be the key to servicing the various needs of the many markets that are responding to today’s era of personalization.

We can provide you with the technical training, equipment and supplies. The Speaking Roses product has the ability to tap into the huge potential of the floral, promotional, gift and greeting card markets by becoming a part of the Speaking Roses phenomenon and bringing embossed flowers to individuals and corporations in your area!

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This ground floor business opportunity was created to give you a shot at getting your fair share of the more than $4 billion per year floor-care industry. So whether you’re someone who’s passionate about keeping a clean, healthy home, or someone who’s looking for a way to clean up financially, you owe it to yourself to see what SEBO can do for you. Business opportunities representing world- class products are very rare, but SEBO is one company you can rely on to give you a fresh, clean start!

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No one ever said that starting a small business would be easy, but then again, very few things in life worth doing are easy.  The challenges that face the entrepreneur when starting a small business would seem daunting to most people, but many entrepreneurs live for this kind of excitement and cannot stand the boredom of a 9-5, steady job, week-in, week-out.

With that said, first time entrepreneurs can easily find themselves in over their heads if they jump in without first doing their market research, consulting some experienced colleagues, and doing a lot of reading.  While there’s no one stop shop for learning how to successfully launch your first small business, here’s some well-known traits of successful small businesses that you should strive for in your own startup.

  1. Small Markets, Not Small Profits
    While many bemoan the construction of another big box store moving into town as the death of all of the mom and pops, the fact remains that a large chain simply cannot meat the needs of everyone.  As an avid photographer, I know that i can get a good price on a new camera if I head to Best Buy, but there are a few local, independently owned shops in town that carry all of the obscure parts and the higher end cameras that professionals and semi-pros need.  They also service cameras and lenses in the store, whereas a camera bought at Best Buy will either be swapped out for a return (if you’re within 30 days) or you’re left to fend for yourself, dealing with the manufacturer for a warranty repair.
  2. Treat Your Customers Right
    Despite the rampant growth of national chains, there is currently a resurgence (particularly in larger cities) of smaller stores with knowledgable salesmen cropping up more and more.  What gives these small businesses and edge, and keeps them in the black, is often the dissatisfaction that many customers have found at the bigger chains, so they’ll turn to the smaller alternative.  If you start a hardware store, for example, you’ll never be able to beat Home Depot on pricing, but what you can beat them on is service, knowledgeability and going above and beyond with your customers to make sure they leave satisfied and come back your way the next time.
  3. Don’t Be Afraid To Branch Out
    While you’ll mostly be focusing on a niche (or narrow) market with your small business, a great way to grow your small business is to add on with similar niche markets, ideally in the same vein.  Take our camera store example, the one i have in mind in Seattle, opened up a second store by the same name across the street, but instead of camera equipment, it’s lighting, camera support and film.  While this isn’t a big departure from their initial business, it opens them up to more customers and gives more people who live in the neighborhood less of a reason to go to the big box stores.

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It used to be the case that in the typical nuclear family, the father would work while the mother stays home with the kids, but today, trying to make ends meet on a single income is next to impossible.  A great option for a stay at home mom would be to start a home based business, but balancing that business with raising young children can be particularly tough.  Here’s a look at some ideas for how to keep your children occupied (and keep your sanity) while balancing parenting with business.

Find A Mommy’s Helper
Once or twice a week, have a friend, relative (grandparents are always a good option) or even hire someone to come and look after the kids for a couple hours while you either head out to a coffee shop, or go to your home office, shut the door and really drill down on getting some work done.  You’ll be amazed how a few hours of uninterrupted work can be more effective than an entire day of work when you’re being distracted every now and then.

Be An Early Bird
It can be tempting to want to stay up late after putting the kids to bed; perhaps you like the idea of spending several hours with your spouse winding down after a long day, but being diligent to get to bed early and wake up early will allow you to get some work done before the kids wake up and it’ll keep you alert and focused throughout the day.  Many home based businesses are not 9-5 desk jobs, so take advantage of your flexible schedule and try to get as much work done as possible while the kids are sleeping so that you can spend as much time as possible with them during the day.

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What is The Trump Network?
It’s an opportunity. An opportunity for you. And an opportunity to help rebuild a country founded on that very premise. It’s a chance to turn a land overwhelmed by stress and ill health to one of strong bodies, bright minds, and free spirits. A chance for you to promote wellness and entrepreneurialism. Even more, a better way of life. This is far more than a financial opportunity. This is a chance to live and promote something you can believe in.

If there has ever been a time for The Trump Network, it’s now.

  • The unemployment rate is at an all-time high
  • Many who have jobs don’t like them
  • 2 out of every 3 people you know are overweight
  • 78 million baby boomers are trying to stay healthy, look better, and live longer
  • Health, wellness, and anti-aging products are part of a $500 billion industry

This is more than a country in need of a change. It’s a country in want of change. The market is literally primed for your success. And it’s something you can feel good about too. If you’re ready, you can give people the freedom to live healthy and fully with the financial means to enjoy life the way they’ve always wanted. And you can too.

The Trump Network offers you the opportunity to take charge of your financial independence and to promote health and wellness products that can help change your life and the life of others.

There is no limit to your success. It is all within your control.

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A lot of details can quickly overwhelm a first time entrepreneur; especially one who’s big idea focused, rather than detail oriented.  One of these details that could be big or small depending on your perspective, is choosing how to incorporate your business.  First off, i’m not a lawyer/business consultant, so take this article as general information and not as specific advice for your company.  When starting a home based business, the two options you’ll most likely be looking at are an LLC or a Sole Proprietorship.  These two options for a business owned by a single person or married couple may seem identical on the surface, but there are some big differences that could be the difference between success, failure and even bankruptcy.  Here’s a brief overview of the two types.

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How the Wealth Masters Business Opportunity Works
The combination of the Wealth Masters International product line along with its lucrative business opportunity has created the “Perfect Storm” in the Direct Sales industry. No other company matches Wealth Masters International’s holistic mentoring approach to Wealth, Health, and Wisdom. Wealth Masters International has assembled the world’s brightest minds to assist you every step of the way in these important areas of success.