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Being a mom is a full time job, so if you’re a work at home mom, it’s really important to find the proper balance your primary and secondary jobs (and hopefully, you’ll see raising your children as the primary :).

This balancing act is one that takes time and experience to succeed in; there will often be the pull to chose between the work projects seeking your attention and your attention seeking children. While no amount of preparation can get you ready for all of the hurdles you’ll encounter as a work from home mom, here are some ways to practically set up your home office to maximize both your jobs, and hopefully avoid some of the push/pull with your children.

Have a desk that is clean, cleared and by a window. Your space is where focus and productivity needs to happen. To do this, keep it clean and clear of clutter.

This can happen by doing a quick sweep of garbage and papers at the end of your time working. It doesn’t matter whether your desk is an office desk, kitchen table or breakfast bar, but the importance of clutter free will help you focus when you sit down the next time to work.

Keep in mind the need for daylight — which also gives you a way to keep an eye on the kids when they play outside.

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As a single mom, or a stay at home mom, starting a home business can be a scary thing.  Whether you’re going to be relying on your home business to pay the bills, or even just as a source of some additional income, the fact is that for most moms, failure really is not an option.  So, what do you do to insulate yourself from failure?  Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Be Diligent
As a mom, this should be a skill that you’ve perfected by now, and following up over an over again with your clients and leads should be easier than potty training or teaching your child to enjoy broccoli.  In all seriousness, being a mom really does prepare you for a lot of the situations you’ll encounter in business, but it can be a lot harder to want to stick it out and put in the long hours with a client that you barely know than spending time working on something with your own child.  The key is to know that hard work in the same direction always pays off, so don’t become discouraged when it seems like you’re spinning your tires.

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