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Facebook has gone in the last five years from a small, closed website for Harvard students, to one of the largest sites on the web, with more than 500 million active users, and with over half of those users logging in every day.  A thriving community like that can’t be ignored, especially by an up and coming small business.  While it may seem overwhelming to some, you may be surprised how easy it is to get up and running; in fact, (if you don’t have one already) head over to and create a page for your business…..done? Ok, now read the following 5 tips for getting started with putting your business out there and utilizing Facebook to the best of your abilities.

  1. Stand Out
    With 500 million users, just creating a profile is about as effective as stapling some fliers to a tree in the middle of the woods (sure someone may see it someday, but it’s not really doing much for you).  So, how do you differentiate yourself?  There are so many ways to modify and change the look of your page, but the most effective Facebook pages are actually pretty simple, the key is that they let the content drive the page (sell the steak, not the sizzle).  This is what keeps people coming back and what builds a strong following, which ultimately leads to more profits.
  2. Find Your Voice
    The meat of a Facebook page is text and pictures.  For most businesses, you’ll want to consistently be posting (2-3 times per day, not 15-20) and keep a common feel to your posts, so that your readers/followers know what to expect, but feel free to toss is some random quotes/images now and then to mix things up.  A Facebook page should never feel buttoned-down and corporate, but make sure that you always keep it family-friendly and appropriate for your typical clientele.
  3. Cross Promote
    This one’s pretty self-explanatory, but in the same way that you’ll tell people on the Facebook page to visit your store, tell people in the store to visit you on Facebook.  Put up a sign in the shop with your URL, or if you do something like a buy 10 get one free punch card (or just a plain old business card) print your Facebook info on it.

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What is Small Business Saturday?
More than a dozen advocacy, public, and private organizations are joining American Express OPEN, the company’s small business unit, in declaring the Saturday after Thanksgiving as Small Business Saturday. This year, Small Business Saturday is November 27, 2010.

Is Small Business Saturday designed to get people to stop shopping at larger businesses or online?
Absolutely not. Small Business Saturday recognizes the importance of small businesses to the overall economy and local communities. It’s a day to support the small, independently owned businesses we can’t live without.

Who can get involved in Small Business Saturday?
Anybody. Anywhere. Now through Small Business Saturday, November 27.

How can I get involved in Small Business Saturday?
There are a number of ways for you to get involved. First and foremost, it’s about helping raise awareness about the importance of small business to our communities. For example, you can visit where you can “like” Small Business Saturday and syndicate news feeds about the day to your personal, virtual networks. There, you can also spread the word about the day and your favorite businesses by giving a shout-out to your favorite local shops and restaurants via Facebook and Twitter.

You can also support Small Business Saturday by patronizing the local, independently owned small businesses in your neighborhood. That could mean anything from having dinner on your way home from the mall during the holiday shopping season or reserving a part of your holiday gift budget to spend at a local small business.

And if you’re an American Express® Cardmember, you’re eligible to earn a $25 statement credit on any purchase of at least $25 on Small Business Saturday at any locally owned independent small businesses that accept American Express. You can redeem this offer by registering your American Express Cards at Terms apply, available here

I’m a small business owner. How can I get involved in Small Business Saturday?
Small Business Saturday can provide business owners with marketing opportunities that can help increase demand for your products and services.

For example, business owners who sign up at will receive a $100 Facebook advertising credit to help build online buzz and drive customers to spend at their businesses on Small Business Saturday. Supplies of advertising inventory for this offer are limited so sign up now. See complete details here You can also download promotional materials and a number of social media tools to promote your business on the inaugural Small Business Saturday this November 27th.

Why should I get involved in Small Business Saturday?
The goal of Small Business Saturday is to inspire you to support the local small businesses that mean the most to you. Supporting small business is all about supporting our communities.

Small business is the heartbeat of local communities and the engine of the US economy. Over the past two decades, small businesses created 65 percent of net new jobs. In addition, for every $100 spent in locally owned independent stores, $68 returns to the community through taxes, payroll, and other expenditures.

What featured events are happening during Small Business Saturday?
In support of this day, American Express OPEN is partnering with nearly 20 advocacy, public, and private organizations, including the National Trust for Historic Preservation, which is supporting Small Business Saturday events in Boston, Massachusetts; Cedar Falls, Iowa; Port Townsend, Washington; as well as the Convention and Visitor’s Bureaus in San Francisco, Greater Boston, Chicago, LA, and NYC.

Over time, our hope is that many more communities across the country recognize Small Business Saturday in a meaningful way that helps drive more business to small businesses.

Is Small Business Saturday something only for American Express Cardmembers or merchants?
No. Small Business Saturday is a national movement to inspire all consumers and communities across the country to support their local small businesses. American Express and more than a dozen organizations are coming together to support the day in different ways. Over time, we hope that more organizations join us in the movement to raise awareness about the importance of supporting small businesses.

How can I learn more about Small Business Saturday?
In addition to this website (, you can find more information and connect with others involved via any of our social media channels, including @AmericanExpress on Twitter and

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