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This ground floor business opportunity was created to give you a shot at getting your fair share of the more than $4 billion per year floor-care industry. So whether you’re someone who’s passionate about keeping a clean, healthy home, or someone who’s looking for a way to clean up financially, you owe it to yourself to see what SEBO can do for you. Business opportunities representing world- class products are very rare, but SEBO is one company you can rely on to give you a fresh, clean start!

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Bella Casa offers four investment packages. Two are “Fabricator” packages which have been carefully designed to launch you, immediately, as a super competitor of the shutter fabrication industry in your area. “Ramp up” time is reduced to days instead of years in reaping real and significant profits from your investment.

For those investors who cannot afford to make the required investment for a “Fabricator” package, Bella Casa offers two “Marketing” packages that provide you a low cost means of getting started in the shutter business on a smaller scale and working toward a “Fabricator” goal and its profits.

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ACTion: The DrinkACT Story
Today, more than any other time in history, people everywhere are looking for ways to improve their lives. Better health, more money and control of ones own time seem to be the driving forces in the quest for true independence. In looking for a better way, open-minded entrepreneurs have begun to gravitate towards work-at-home businesses. For those who dare to dream, DrinkACT is becoming the home-based business of choice.

DrinkACT is a manufacturer-to-consumer direct sales company that was founded in June 2005. Today, DrinkACT is among the fastest growing divisions of the Youngevity Family of Companies. Headquartered in beautiful Chula Vista, California, DrinkACT is revolutionizing International distribution by synergistically combining the global “High Tech” reach of the internet with the personalized “High Touch” of Network Marketing.

DrinkACT continually provides innovative, cost effective energy, weight loss and wellness products to satisfied customers. The stability of our time-proven, battle-tested business model, provides a solid foundation for you to build your DrinkACT business upon.

Company founder, Dr. Joel Wallach is nationally known as ‘The Mineral Doctor.’ His audio “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” has sold over 107 million copies and is the #1 sales tool in the history of Network Marketing.

His son and DrinkACT CEO Steve Wallach, has assembled a “Dream Team” of Management and Marketing experts. DrinkACT operates debt-free from our 65,000 square foot office and distribution center in Chula Vista, California.

DrinkACT has developed a unique compensation plan that allows our business builders to make money fast while building a significant, long-term residual income stream. Our plan is fair and pays out over 50 cents of every business dollar we bring through the door back out to the field. With DrinkACT you have the ability to earn matching bonuses on your top producers, tap into our Global Bonus pools, drive the car of your dreams and vacation around the world. With all of this and only a 40BV monthly qualifier, it’s no wonder industry experts call the DrinkACT compensation plan, “Simply, The Best”.

Peace Of Mind
As a company, DrinkACT is debt-free and well capitalized. We have fantastic ownership and management both with proven field leadership experience. We produce and market “high impact” products that are sold at competitive prices resulting in 80% plus re-order rate. Our compensation plan is truly second to none, allowing ordinary entrepreneurs to make extraordinary incomes, right from home. Finally, our ACTion Plan Training System can teach even the novice home business entrepreneur how to build and maintain a profitable DrinkACT business!

Time is on your side and there has never been a better time for you and DrinkACT than right now! DrinkACT is truly a business that you can throw your whole heart and soul in to, with the peace of mind of knowing that today’s hard work could pay residually for years to come.

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About Zija International
We develop natural, earth-friendly products using the miracle plant Moringa and market them worldwide through our global family of Independent Distributors. We value opportunity and are dedicated to empowering our distributors, customers and employees to reach their dreams of health and financial wellness.

8 Ways to Earn Income

  • Direct Sales
  • Team Commissions
  • First Order Bonus (FOB)
  • Leadership Check Match (LCM)
  • Builder Bonus
  • Diamond Pool
  • Volume Order Rebate (VOR)
  • Multiple Business Centers

Earn income by purchasing product at wholesale price and selling it at retail price. You keep the profit.

Receive a 10-20 percent Bonus (up to $100) when your personally sponsored Distributors place a first-time order.

As a Qualified Active 150 Distributor, you earn a $30 Builder Bonus each time a personally sponsored Distributor reaches the rank of Builder.

When your PV exceeds 250 in any one period, you will receive up to a 10 percent personal rebate on your PV greater than 250. And when one of your personally sponsored Distributors does the same, you’ll receive up to 10 percent rebate on their PV greater than 250!

The team commission gives you the benefit of being placed in one of two legs in your sponsor’s group. You are compensated based on being qualified with at least one personally sponsored Active Distributors on your left and right leg. And, if you and two personally sponsored Distributors are Active 75 status, you will earn the rank of Builder and qualify for up to 15% in Team Commissions.

At the Senior leadership level, you can earn a check match bonus based on a percentage of Team Commissions of the people you personally enroll, the people they enroll, and so on. You can earn LCM on up to 8 generations.

We have reserved up to 4 percent of the company’s total commissionable Group Volume for qualified Diamond Executives.

As your organization expands, you can essentially sponsor yourself by adding additional Business Centers. You may insert your new centers anywhere in your organization.

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