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Bella Casa offers four investment packages. Two are “Fabricator” packages which have been carefully designed to launch you, immediately, as a super competitor of the shutter fabrication industry in your area. “Ramp up” time is reduced to days instead of years in reaping real and significant profits from your investment.

For those investors who cannot afford to make the required investment for a “Fabricator” package, Bella Casa offers two “Marketing” packages that provide you a low cost means of getting started in the shutter business on a smaller scale and working toward a “Fabricator” goal and its profits.

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The internet has come a long way in the last few decades, and e-commerce has become big business; not just for mega corporations like, but also for the little guys, selling niche-market products in virtual stores that would never sustain themselves in the brick and mortar world.  It’s this freedom and low overhead that allows the internet to be the most versatile and unique marketplace that’s ever existed, and there’s always room for more vendors.  If this is you, but you don’t know where to start, here’s a few tips for the beginner looking to wade into the waters of e-commerce.

Establish Your Site
First thing’s first, you’ll need a website.  Yes, you can launch your website with a tightly integrated e-commerce solution, but chances are, people will be reluctant to hand over their credit card information to a website they’ve never heard of.  The best bet for a brand new site is to integrate an e-wallet solution while you establish your credibility.  E-wallets are essentially a middle-man service where you (the seller) received money from an account that the buyer has setup with the e-wallet vendor.  Popular e-wallet methods include Paypal and Google checkout.  There are others, but if your goal is credibility, your best bet is to stick with these two.

Weigh Your E-commerce Options
Once you’ve established your name and your brand, it’s time to setup your own e-commerce solution on your website.  You may ask why you would do this, since services like Google checkout and Paypal will gladly handle this for you;  well, the main reason is that e-wallet services charge a pretty hefty commission (as high as 15% in many situations).  The ideal situation is to handle your own billing (which will be essential if you plan to do high volume sales) but if you see yourself doing something more in the sub-$100k/month range, consider some of the e-commerce vendors that exist on the web.  Recommending specific vendors is beyond the scope of this article, but look around, compare the fees, lookup user reviews and make sure, above all, that whoever you work with is trustworthy.

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Why the GWT opportunity is your best home business solution today!

Business and Product Advantages:

  1. High profit designer product lines
    In direct sales today, most companies market low profit health & wellness, household or tele-communication products. Low profitability means that everyone needs to move more volume and sign up more distributors to build a lucrative business.

    GWT designer products have some of the highest profit margins in the world. By having high margins, a business can meet its profit targets with fewer sales and fewer customers. This is one of the main reasons GWT members reach their financial goals in a fraction of the time it would normally take with other companies: you no longer need to build a team of thousands of distributors and customers to operate a profitable and lucrative business.

    Let’s take a look at the numbers and compare GWT earnings to the direct sales industry average “earnings per distributor” in residual income:

    • Telecommunication companies: up to $0 .35 per distributor
    • Health & wellness companies: up to $ 1.00 per distributor
    • GWT Corp: up to $10.00 per member 
  2. Highly Emotional Products
    Looking back in history, no other commodity has captured more attention than fine jewelry, precious metals and precious stones. They are symbols of wealth, love and passion, and they have helped us express those feelings and qualities for over 5000 years. No other commodity has increased more in value than gold, silver, diamonds and other precious metals and stones. Without debate it is the safest investment available today, which is why every financial expert recommends that 15 to 30 percent of all investments should be in precious commodities.

    GWT Corp is the only direct sales company to offer these commodities in a form of designer fine jewellery and goods.

  3. Visual Appeal
    GWT products are self-promoting because of their visual appeal and the instant gratification they provide at the point of sale. Most companies market products that require trial periods of 90 days or longer to deliver results, which makes the buying decision for clients much more tedious.
  4. Uniqueness
    According to statistics, over 96 percent of all direct selling companies market nutrition, household and telecommunication products. In fact, in 2007 a distributor in a wellness company is forced to compete with over 30 million other network marketers in the wellness industry in America alone. GWT is truly unique in that it is the only direct selling company that offers designer fine goods. Therefore, GWT members do not have to engage in comparisons with the other 1700 direct sales companies that market the latest and greatest health product or long distance gadget.
  5. Want vs. Need
    Other companies are constantly trying to establish a need for their product line by making unrealistic – and sometimes illegal – product claims. According to statistics, jewelry is the only product line that is used by over 85 percent of the population every single day. GWT customers purchase our designer products because they want it and not because they were convinced of its need with overstated promises.
  6. A safe business
    GWT products are the safest products to promote and market in the direct selling industry. They do not get consumed or expire, and they continue to gain value from the time they are purchased. The GWT business is recession-proof and gains even more momentum in the case of an economic slowdown, which makes the GWT business the safest and most rewarding business you can start.
  7. Reliability
    Jewelry has been the most precious commodity known to man for the past 5000 years, still is today and will be 5000 years from now. There will never be a replacement for precious stones or precious metals, hence the universal tradition of passing family jewelry down from generation to generation.

    Companies that offer the latest and greatest health or telecommunication products are constantly being replaced as science and technology progress almost on monthly bases. This constant turnover makes wellness and telecommunication companies very trendy, volatile and unreliable to a serious entrepreneur who seeks to build a long-term business.

    All the above advantages provide GWT representatives with the peace of mind of not having to constantly protect their team from upcoming companies and new products. GWT members do not have to endure the same challenges other network marketing distributors go through year after year.

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Starting a small business can be hard enough, but getting hit with a hefty bill from the IRS at the end of the year can make a difficult situation nearly impossible.  There are plenty of different strategies for minimizing your tax liability, but the most effective one is itemized deductions, and know what you can deduct is the first step to getting prepared for tax season.  Here’s a list of just a handful of the eligible deductions for your small business, so be sure to investigate and leave no stone unturned before you submit your tax documents at year’s end.

Bad Debt
If your company sells goods, you can deduct the cost of any goods that were not payed for by a client.  This doesn’t make up for losing the product, but it can soften the blow

Auto Expenses
Company cars are deductible, but you can also deduct mileage, service, fuel and nearly any expense related to purchasing and operating the vehicle.

When you first start your business, you’ll face plenty of fees along the path to incorporation; good news is these are all deductible.

Legal and Professional Fees
Whether it’s a lawyer, tax professional, or the janitorial service for your offices, nearly all professional fees your business pays will be deductible.

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Who is Zoom Mobile?
Zoom Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that provides nationwide mobile service using Tier One cell phone towers. Zoom Mobile’s business model is direct to consumer sales, emphasizing home-based business. We are incorporated and headquartered in Palm Harbor, Florida.

Zoom Mobile proudly supports the United States Military, and is veteran owned and operated.

You could be earning 64 paychecks a year, just by helping people save money on their cell phone service. In today’s economy, everyone is looking for ways to save money and increase their income, ZoomMobile let’s you do both with our weekly paychecks, monthly bonuses, and our “Maintain THREE and your service is FREE” business model. No hidden fees, nocontracts, no deposits, no credit checks, just unlimited cell phone service and an amazing business opportunity.

As an independent associate, you will benefit from ZoomMobile’s aggressive compensation plan, which pays out up to four different ways. Zoom Mobile uses a weekly binary compensation plan with a monthly hybriduni-level payout. Not sure what that means? Watch our informational video on our home page and learn how you can earn money from home.

The Opportunity
Free Service. Work from Home. How spreading the word can EARN you money.

Not only is it easy to become part of the Zoom Mobile team, but it is also a great way to earn money from home. Choose the package that best fits your budget and you are on your way to earning up to 64 paychecks a year. Each package provides you almost everything that you will need to be successful; including detailed computer based training modules to get you started. Each package requires a one time initial cost based on package chosen and an additional monthly Digital Marketing Auto-ship fee of $24.99. 

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ACTion: The DrinkACT Story
Today, more than any other time in history, people everywhere are looking for ways to improve their lives. Better health, more money and control of ones own time seem to be the driving forces in the quest for true independence. In looking for a better way, open-minded entrepreneurs have begun to gravitate towards work-at-home businesses. For those who dare to dream, DrinkACT is becoming the home-based business of choice.

DrinkACT is a manufacturer-to-consumer direct sales company that was founded in June 2005. Today, DrinkACT is among the fastest growing divisions of the Youngevity Family of Companies. Headquartered in beautiful Chula Vista, California, DrinkACT is revolutionizing International distribution by synergistically combining the global “High Tech” reach of the internet with the personalized “High Touch” of Network Marketing.

DrinkACT continually provides innovative, cost effective energy, weight loss and wellness products to satisfied customers. The stability of our time-proven, battle-tested business model, provides a solid foundation for you to build your DrinkACT business upon.

Company founder, Dr. Joel Wallach is nationally known as ‘The Mineral Doctor.’ His audio “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” has sold over 107 million copies and is the #1 sales tool in the history of Network Marketing.

His son and DrinkACT CEO Steve Wallach, has assembled a “Dream Team” of Management and Marketing experts. DrinkACT operates debt-free from our 65,000 square foot office and distribution center in Chula Vista, California.

DrinkACT has developed a unique compensation plan that allows our business builders to make money fast while building a significant, long-term residual income stream. Our plan is fair and pays out over 50 cents of every business dollar we bring through the door back out to the field. With DrinkACT you have the ability to earn matching bonuses on your top producers, tap into our Global Bonus pools, drive the car of your dreams and vacation around the world. With all of this and only a 40BV monthly qualifier, it’s no wonder industry experts call the DrinkACT compensation plan, “Simply, The Best”.

Peace Of Mind
As a company, DrinkACT is debt-free and well capitalized. We have fantastic ownership and management both with proven field leadership experience. We produce and market “high impact” products that are sold at competitive prices resulting in 80% plus re-order rate. Our compensation plan is truly second to none, allowing ordinary entrepreneurs to make extraordinary incomes, right from home. Finally, our ACTion Plan Training System can teach even the novice home business entrepreneur how to build and maintain a profitable DrinkACT business!

Time is on your side and there has never been a better time for you and DrinkACT than right now! DrinkACT is truly a business that you can throw your whole heart and soul in to, with the peace of mind of knowing that today’s hard work could pay residually for years to come.

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It used to be the case that in the typical nuclear family, the father would work while the mother stays home with the kids, but today, trying to make ends meet on a single income is next to impossible.  A great option for a stay at home mom would be to start a home based business, but balancing that business with raising young children can be particularly tough.  Here’s a look at some ideas for how to keep your children occupied (and keep your sanity) while balancing parenting with business.

Find A Mommy’s Helper
Once or twice a week, have a friend, relative (grandparents are always a good option) or even hire someone to come and look after the kids for a couple hours while you either head out to a coffee shop, or go to your home office, shut the door and really drill down on getting some work done.  You’ll be amazed how a few hours of uninterrupted work can be more effective than an entire day of work when you’re being distracted every now and then.

Be An Early Bird
It can be tempting to want to stay up late after putting the kids to bed; perhaps you like the idea of spending several hours with your spouse winding down after a long day, but being diligent to get to bed early and wake up early will allow you to get some work done before the kids wake up and it’ll keep you alert and focused throughout the day.  Many home based businesses are not 9-5 desk jobs, so take advantage of your flexible schedule and try to get as much work done as possible while the kids are sleeping so that you can spend as much time as possible with them during the day.

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