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How the Wealth Masters Business Opportunity Works
The combination of the Wealth Masters International product line along with its lucrative business opportunity has created the “Perfect Storm” in the Direct Sales industry. No other company matches Wealth Masters International’s holistic mentoring approach to Wealth, Health, and Wisdom. Wealth Masters International has assembled the world’s brightest minds to assist you every step of the way in these important areas of success.



It’s a common dilemma; you start out a new business or a job in sales and your natural instinct is to draw your initial sales leads from the people around you (your friends and family), but is this a good idea?  Friends and family can be a great way to jump start your sales figures, but you also run the risk of annoying them with your sales pitch, and possibly alienating them through your high pressure sales.  Ultimately, the best way to incorporate your friends and family into your new career is with a good balance of salesmanship and instinct; after all, keeping those relationships in tact should always take priority over getting a sale.  Here’s a few things to keep in mind should you find yourself in the position of wanting to sell a product or service to a friend or family member.

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