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Facebook has gone in the last five years from a small, closed website for Harvard students, to one of the largest sites on the web, with more than 500 million active users, and with over half of those users logging in every day.  A thriving community like that can’t be ignored, especially by an up and coming small business.  While it may seem overwhelming to some, you may be surprised how easy it is to get up and running; in fact, (if you don’t have one already) head over to and create a page for your business…..done? Ok, now read the following 5 tips for getting started with putting your business out there and utilizing Facebook to the best of your abilities.

  1. Stand Out
    With 500 million users, just creating a profile is about as effective as stapling some fliers to a tree in the middle of the woods (sure someone may see it someday, but it’s not really doing much for you).  So, how do you differentiate yourself?  There are so many ways to modify and change the look of your page, but the most effective Facebook pages are actually pretty simple, the key is that they let the content drive the page (sell the steak, not the sizzle).  This is what keeps people coming back and what builds a strong following, which ultimately leads to more profits.
  2. Find Your Voice
    The meat of a Facebook page is text and pictures.  For most businesses, you’ll want to consistently be posting (2-3 times per day, not 15-20) and keep a common feel to your posts, so that your readers/followers know what to expect, but feel free to toss is some random quotes/images now and then to mix things up.  A Facebook page should never feel buttoned-down and corporate, but make sure that you always keep it family-friendly and appropriate for your typical clientele.
  3. Cross Promote
    This one’s pretty self-explanatory, but in the same way that you’ll tell people on the Facebook page to visit your store, tell people in the store to visit you on Facebook.  Put up a sign in the shop with your URL, or if you do something like a buy 10 get one free punch card (or just a plain old business card) print your Facebook info on it.

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Social networking has become a valuable part of most businesses today, and with the overwhelming adoption of sites like Facebook (over 500 million users) it’s easy to see why companies don’t want to pass up such a large, tech-savvy market.  Along the way, however, you need to be smart about the way you use social marketing for your business, because just like in the real world, a first impression is hard to overcome.  Here’s some do’s and don’t’s for anyone starting out their business in the social arena.

Don’t Scattershot Your Message
Sure, there are dozens (if not hundreds) of social networks out there, but there’s really only two you need to worry about (Facebook and Twitter).  While it may be tempting to use tools that will just shotgun blast your posts out to a bunch of networks, understand that each network has different nuances and people learn quickly to tune you out if you’re not engaging on the platform they’re following you on.

Do Collaborate
It may seem like cheating, but there are some great tools that allow shared usage of a Facebook or Twitter account.  This way multiple people can be posting and you can also schedule your posts to release at a certain day and time.  This is a crucial part of a good social marketing campaign, so make sure that you plan at least a few days worth of posts ahead of time, and then when news breaks, feel free to interject it into the stream.

Don’t Use Social Media For Advertising
The amount of ‘spammers’ on social networking sites is out of control, and people are keenly aware of the problem.  If you begin posting ‘spammy’ sounding posts, people will be quick to ignore you.

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