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Speaking Roses was honored to receive the “Distributors’ Pick” award from the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI). This is the highest award from over 20,000 distributors in a global organization that represents a $20 billion industry in the US alone. The top honor, selected from thousands of competing new products, is given to the best new product of the year as voted by the distributors that sell the products.

The Opportunity
Imagine being able to print flowers – live, fresh flowers!
This process can be the key to servicing the various needs of the many markets that are responding to today’s era of personalization.

We can provide you with the technical training, equipment and supplies. The Speaking Roses product has the ability to tap into the huge potential of the floral, promotional, gift and greeting card markets by becoming a part of the Speaking Roses phenomenon and bringing embossed flowers to individuals and corporations in your area!

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This ground floor business opportunity was created to give you a shot at getting your fair share of the more than $4 billion per year floor-care industry. So whether you’re someone who’s passionate about keeping a clean, healthy home, or someone who’s looking for a way to clean up financially, you owe it to yourself to see what SEBO can do for you. Business opportunities representing world- class products are very rare, but SEBO is one company you can rely on to give you a fresh, clean start!

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Bella Casa offers four investment packages. Two are “Fabricator” packages which have been carefully designed to launch you, immediately, as a super competitor of the shutter fabrication industry in your area. “Ramp up” time is reduced to days instead of years in reaping real and significant profits from your investment.

For those investors who cannot afford to make the required investment for a “Fabricator” package, Bella Casa offers two “Marketing” packages that provide you a low cost means of getting started in the shutter business on a smaller scale and working toward a “Fabricator” goal and its profits.

To contact Bella Casa Window Fashions, go to announced that one of its advertisers, Suzie Randle, a representative with Thirty One Gifts, has made a sale as a result of her placement on

Randle has been working with Thirty One Gifts, a work from home business opportunity offering a full array of embroidery items, for about 2 years and has over 100 in her network.  She started receiving leads from in September of this year and it was only her 4th lead that led to the sale.

“She had been to a Thirty One party, and she was looking for someone to connect with and sign up under,” Randle says of the prospect that later joined her network.’s strong search engine presence, specifically for the keywords specific to Randle’s home based business opportunity, were heavily responsible for this future Thirty One representative finding Randle.

When asked about the prospect’s future, Randle was quick to say “I think she’s going to end up being my next superstar.”


Home Business Bug is a new directory that features hundreds of home-based business opportunities, as well as work-from-home articles and information.  Those interested in starting a home based business can browse completely free of charge, and find opportunities whose investments range from under $100 to a few thousand dollars.  Please visit our work at home directory . Advertisers can take advantage of the low introductory rates to promote their own opportunity. For more information about advertising a work from home based business opportunity, inquire at

December 9, 2010 — announced today that one of its advertisers, Jennifer Lewis, a silver gift director with La Bella Baskets, has signed her 8th referral as a result of her placement on

“It took only three or four leads from to sign up my first recruit,” says Lewis. Since then she has made 7 more sales off a total of 49 leads. Lewis’ has recruited close to 30 La Bella Baskets consultants, making responsible for about 25% of her network. Asked if was her most fruitful source, she replied “I would definitely say so.”

The La Bella Baskets home based business opportunity offers two streams of income, the first of which, selling of their high quality gift baskets, flowers, and cookie bouquets, was Lewis’ main focus her first few months after joining in January of 2010.  It was only in May when she decided to focus on the second income opportunity, building a network of other La Bella Baskets representatives.  It was around that time that she discovered and took advantage of their free advertising offer.

Asked what she attributed the attractiveness to her opportunity, Lewis cited the price point.  “I think what really works for La Bella Baskets is that (consultants) only have to spend $20 per month.”  That is after the initial start up cost of only $1.97.


Home Business Bug is a new directory that features hundreds of home-based business opportunities, as well as work-from-home articles and information.  Those interested in starting a home based business can browse completely free of charge, and find opportunities whose investments range from under $100 to a few thousand dollars.  Please visit our work at home directory . Advertisers can take advantage of the low introductory rates to promote their own opportunity. For more information about advertising a work from home based business opportunity, inquire at

What is MyShoppingGenie
MyNet Universe is the exclusive home of MyShoppingGenie, a revolutionary new Web App. You may be wondering why we named this innovative Internet solution the Genie after the mythical character that Aladdin released from his lamp. Like Aladdin’s genie, MyShoppingGenie has an almost magical ability to grant our wishes for saving money, making money and for helping us make a positive impact on our world.

MyShoppingGenie enables the average person to take advantage of major trends in our economy. The first is the fact that saving money has become very hip. Some people are even saying that saving money is the new green.

MyShoppingGenie is right at the center of this because when you use the Genie, you can save money on the things you need. How does this work? Whenever you look to buy something online using any major search engine like Google or Yahoo, the Genie appears; and just like magic, it cuts through the clutter to find you the best deals on virtually anything you’re looking for.

Our Distributors Earn Money From Click Income!
Quite simply, it’s the best discount shopping tool on the market today. It saves people 50%, 60%, even 70% off their purchases. And you are GETTING PAID WHEN PEOPLE USE IT!

How Do You Give Away The Genie Shopping Tool?
Just to make it easy, we will give you a Web site. We do the heavy lifting, and you simply give people a FREE tool that can save them thousands of dollars a year shopping online. They click one button to install the Genie!

Now consider this – in 2009, shopping online was 4% of the retail market. In 2010, it has grown to over 10%. Think about this – do you know one person, under the age of 70, that hasn’t made a purchase online? So, anyone with a computer that shops online is a potential revenue generator for you. That’s basically anyone you see or meet. They shop online, and you make money. Do I have to mention that online shopping grew to $204 billion last year?

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Why the GWT opportunity is your best home business solution today!

Business and Product Advantages:

  1. High profit designer product lines
    In direct sales today, most companies market low profit health & wellness, household or tele-communication products. Low profitability means that everyone needs to move more volume and sign up more distributors to build a lucrative business.

    GWT designer products have some of the highest profit margins in the world. By having high margins, a business can meet its profit targets with fewer sales and fewer customers. This is one of the main reasons GWT members reach their financial goals in a fraction of the time it would normally take with other companies: you no longer need to build a team of thousands of distributors and customers to operate a profitable and lucrative business.

    Let’s take a look at the numbers and compare GWT earnings to the direct sales industry average “earnings per distributor” in residual income:

    • Telecommunication companies: up to $0 .35 per distributor
    • Health & wellness companies: up to $ 1.00 per distributor
    • GWT Corp: up to $10.00 per member 
  2. Highly Emotional Products
    Looking back in history, no other commodity has captured more attention than fine jewelry, precious metals and precious stones. They are symbols of wealth, love and passion, and they have helped us express those feelings and qualities for over 5000 years. No other commodity has increased more in value than gold, silver, diamonds and other precious metals and stones. Without debate it is the safest investment available today, which is why every financial expert recommends that 15 to 30 percent of all investments should be in precious commodities.

    GWT Corp is the only direct sales company to offer these commodities in a form of designer fine jewellery and goods.

  3. Visual Appeal
    GWT products are self-promoting because of their visual appeal and the instant gratification they provide at the point of sale. Most companies market products that require trial periods of 90 days or longer to deliver results, which makes the buying decision for clients much more tedious.
  4. Uniqueness
    According to statistics, over 96 percent of all direct selling companies market nutrition, household and telecommunication products. In fact, in 2007 a distributor in a wellness company is forced to compete with over 30 million other network marketers in the wellness industry in America alone. GWT is truly unique in that it is the only direct selling company that offers designer fine goods. Therefore, GWT members do not have to engage in comparisons with the other 1700 direct sales companies that market the latest and greatest health product or long distance gadget.
  5. Want vs. Need
    Other companies are constantly trying to establish a need for their product line by making unrealistic – and sometimes illegal – product claims. According to statistics, jewelry is the only product line that is used by over 85 percent of the population every single day. GWT customers purchase our designer products because they want it and not because they were convinced of its need with overstated promises.
  6. A safe business
    GWT products are the safest products to promote and market in the direct selling industry. They do not get consumed or expire, and they continue to gain value from the time they are purchased. The GWT business is recession-proof and gains even more momentum in the case of an economic slowdown, which makes the GWT business the safest and most rewarding business you can start.
  7. Reliability
    Jewelry has been the most precious commodity known to man for the past 5000 years, still is today and will be 5000 years from now. There will never be a replacement for precious stones or precious metals, hence the universal tradition of passing family jewelry down from generation to generation.

    Companies that offer the latest and greatest health or telecommunication products are constantly being replaced as science and technology progress almost on monthly bases. This constant turnover makes wellness and telecommunication companies very trendy, volatile and unreliable to a serious entrepreneur who seeks to build a long-term business.

    All the above advantages provide GWT representatives with the peace of mind of not having to constantly protect their team from upcoming companies and new products. GWT members do not have to endure the same challenges other network marketing distributors go through year after year.

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